The Written Word In Longhand

The link below is to an article that I bookmarked a few years back. Most of my family and friends know about my love of vintage fountain pens, ink, paper and the handwritten word. Now, I am sharing that passion with my readers.

After I recently wrote a post on this blog about the possible demise of cursive handwriting, I remembered I had this article saved. Surely, there are many of us writers out there who still like to use pen and ink or even pencil to compose the rough drafts of works in progress, make outlines and lists or notes.

Handwriting seems to enrich the experience the writer has with the creative process. How about you? Please let me know if and how you use cursive handwriting as part of your writing regimen.

A Defense of Writing Longhand | Patrick E. McLean.

5 thoughts on “The Written Word In Longhand

  1. hi Craig

    I often lament that my once attractive handwriting has deteriorated to a scrawl as I use the computer keyboard so much. Handwritten notes should be treasured

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  2. Hi Craig thanks for the post. I lament that my once neat handwriting is now a scrawl because I type everything. Hand written notes should be treasured.


  3. I love to see handwriting from a fountain pen, my father had beautiful writing that was a pleasure to read. Unfortunately I did not inherit that art and so for the sake of those reading my writings they are nearly all computer generated. I hope it does not become a lost art, and you are helping to preserve it.


  4. Oh I just love that “new term” feeling of a good fountain pen and quality paper which we still had in our exercise books in the 60s! I don’t have one any more but I might get one!
    I think that handwriting will become a lost art, as will handwriting analysis. Calligraphy will be a specialist art for special cards and gifts.


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