Cursive Writing Endangered?

I am on the back side of my sixties so I was taught cursive writing early on in school. That means that I also have been around for the transition from handwriting to typing and now to keyboard or screen entry onto electronic media. Unfortunately, to my way of thinking, this may signal the decline and possible extinction of the use of cursive writing as a means of communicating. Most scary to me is that future generations may not be able to read historical and ancestral handwritten documents.

This following re-post is an excellent piece on the current state of Cursive Writing.

Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Cursive Writing Endangered?

  1. A person I know attended a senior management retreat (for a top ten company) and they were told that cursive writing is an art form that exercises both your left and right halves of your brain.

    It would be a great dis-service to do away with teaching cursive at primary schools. Thanks for bringing this up!


  2. I fear for the future of cursive writing. My adult ESL students ask me to print on the board. They say they can’t understand “that funny writing”. It took me a while to realize that they can’t read cursive. I now give them handouts designed for primary school students to practice their cursive writing and I tell them that if they can’t read and write cursive, they should consider themselves illiterate. I don’t know who long I’ll be able to get away with that! Rather than take notes, they use their cellphones to take pictures of the board. I share with them the research about the advantages of learning by physically writing notes, but it only seems to sink in with my more academic students.


    • Thank you, Alice! I appreciate your comment. I do write a number of letters and notes to pen pals using cursive. It is still a joy to me to write longhand.


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