Our Faith

By Craig Ruhl Just over three years ago, God gave Karen and me the vision and mission of creating a digital magazine. During one of our country photography road trips, we were discussing how we would like to combine our loves of photography, writing, and reading into a ministry that would fulfill our call to … Continue reading Our Faith

On The Porch

When I was a kid, back when the world was analog and not yet digital, we lived outside the house more than inside. I remember in the summer, I would leave the house right after breakfast, gather a few neighbor friends, and would not come home until I was hungry, hurt, or it was dinner … Continue reading On The Porch

Dr. Howland Hanson – A Journey of Faith

I recently wrote an article about my great-grandfather, Dr. Howland Hanson. The article first appeared in the June 13, 2018 issue of Faith On Every Corner. His story is one of great faith and a life well lived. I hope that you will enjoy it and be blessed by it. A Journey of Faith - Dr. … Continue reading Dr. Howland Hanson – A Journey of Faith

A Gift For Words

One of the most important blessings in my life has been my love of reading. My parents, grandparents and teachers taught me from an early age to not just enjoy books but to also really like to read. So many Christmases and birthdays involved books as gifts. Libraries and bookstores became my favorite hangouts. Later … Continue reading A Gift For Words