Faith On Every Corner

Karen and I have been called to start a new digital magazine called Faith On Every Corner. This is a monthly publication highlighting ordinary people making a difference in their communities through their faith and service.

It had been a long time since I was active on this blog, as evidenced by the dates of the last posts. The journey that Karen and I have been on this past month has been a blessing in many ways. We travel through small towns and communities locating people who are quietly performing acts of service. We meet and interview them, take a few photos, and weave it all together into an article for the magazine. I write, help edit, and manage the everyday tasks associated with such an undertaking. Karen is the editor, publisher, and driving force behind our ministry. She also is the photographer and responsible for all of the creative aspects of the website and magazine.

The premier issue of Faith On Every Corner was just published today, on July 24, 2017. I think it is inspired by God and faithful to His will. I pray that this and future issues will be inspirational, encouraging, and supporting to those now in a service ministry as well as those who will heed a call in the future.

This is the link to the Faith On Every Corner website where you learn more and read the magazine:  Faith On Every Corner

May you be as blessed by the magazine as we have been putting it together.


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