Faith On Every Corner

Karen and I have just published our third edition of Faith On Every Corner. Please read, like, and share. Thanks!


To Be a Scribe for the Lord — The Write Conversation

by Danetta Kellar @DanettaKellarJonathan, David’s uncle, was a counselor, a man of insight and a scribe. 1 Chronicles 27:32Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of being a scribe. While most girls my age were playing Barbies and hair salon, I was making a tent with my bedcovers and hiding out with the illustrated…… Continue reading To Be a Scribe for the Lord — The Write Conversation

Driving Ms. Karen

My wife, Karen, is a professional photographer as well a published writer and author. She also runs a graphics design business from our full-time home on wheels, a 32-foot motor home. We have been posted up in a beautiful campground in southwestern North Carolina for past 2 years and before that, we were camped in… Continue reading Driving Ms. Karen

Faith On Every Corner

Karen and I have been called to start a new digital magazine called Faith On Every Corner. This is a monthly publication highlighting ordinary people making a difference in their communities through their faith and service. It had been a long time since I was active on this blog, as evidenced by the dates of… Continue reading Faith On Every Corner

The Written Word In Longhand

The link below is to an article that I bookmarked a few years back. Most of my family and friends know about my love of vintage fountain pens, ink, paper and the handwritten word. Now, I am sharing that passion with my readers. After I recently wrote a post on this blog about the possible… Continue reading The Written Word In Longhand