Cows on Bikes

Excerpted from my personal journal….. As soon as I stepped off the porch of the Dew Drop Inn, the local bed and breakfast as well as a well-renowned watering hole, I felt what I can only describe as a Twilight Zone moment. What my eyes saw did not fit with my view of normal, not… Continue reading Cows on Bikes


Driving Ms. Karen

My wife, Karen, is a professional photographer as well a published writer and author. She also runs a graphics design business from our full-time home on wheels, a 32-foot motor home. We have been posted up in a beautiful campground in southwestern North Carolina for past 2 years and before that, we were camped in… Continue reading Driving Ms. Karen

Short Cord & Fang

Today, as I was writing a chapter for a new novel, I remembered one of the favorite people who I met many years ago. Although I don't remember his name, I do remember his story. For now, let me just call him Woody. He was in his early twenties; a rough-hewn man living in one of… Continue reading Short Cord & Fang